Why Participate

Reasons for your Participation in the Rhineland Study

Everything we know today about the development of diseases and about appropriate therapies is based on previous health studies. Although many age-related diseases develop over decades, we still know very little about the exact causes. In order for the Rhineland Study to explore how everyone can live a healthy, long life, we need a large and diverse number of participants.


Your participation will not only benefit your own health. We are researching for the health of all people worldwide. Every single participation helps us to better understand the brain and the effect of different factors (e.g. lifestyle or environmental influences) on the brain. This enables us to develop measures for healthier ageing. By participating, you are also contributing to the health of your family and friends - contributing to the health of current and future generations. In addition, each participant will receive feedback on selected examination results upon request.

Testimonials from the Rhineland Study

Rahel Hutgens

I find the capabilities of the brain absolutely impressive. Therefore, I would like to make a small contribution to understanding it better and protecting it from disease.

[Rahel Hutgens]

Frank Wunderlich

I was convinced by the concept of the study. I understood that the study was designed to last the rest of my life, and I saw it as an opportunity to learn about my health at periodic intervals while contributing to science and society.

[Frank Wunderlich]

Engel und Peter Kretzschmar

We think it is very important that the Rhineland Study is being conducted and we hope that perhaps by participating we can be a grain of salt in gaining knowledge for future generations.

[Engel und Peter Kretzschmar]

Sebastian Falkenhagen

When the request came from the Rhineland Study, I didn't have to think twice. I participated with pride and joy for the research and also got an up-to-date status on my own health. The entire team was super nice and explained each examination to me well.

[Sebastian Falkenhagen]

Winfried Ehlert

I found the examinations at the Rhineland Study to be extremely good. Everything was meticulously organized and there were no waiting times. I was also impressed by the technical knowledge and understanding of the study assistance. This is my very personal, positive impression, which I am happy to pass on to others.

[Winfried Ehlert]

Hannah Mertens

I am happy to participate in the Rhineland Study because I think it is for a good cause and one should support this. In the long run, hopefully many people will then benefit from the research and from the findings of the study.

[Hannah Mertens]

Familie Abdel Karim

We are getting older and would all like to maintain our quality of life for as long as possible. In order for this to succeed, more and better research into ageing is needed. We would like to contribute to this and have learned valuable things for our health.

[Familie Abdel Karim]

Dr. Eckart Roloff

It was perfect. Everything was very well organized - also in terms of time. You get very good information and the examinations are explained in a really understandable way. So, it doesn't get any better than that. My wife said the same thing. We were impressed!

[Dr. Eckart Roloff]

Vera Keck

I was particularly motivated by the idea that I could make a contribution. After all, a study is not for me, but for research and for the community. And maybe in the future a drug, a method or a prevention can be developed.

[Vera Keck]

Susanne D.

I have been regularly participating in studies of the DZNE on the Venusberg for several years. I have experienced cases of dementia in my personal environment and would like to support research on Alzheimer's and dementia and make a contribution to society with my participation in the Rhineland Study.

[Susanne D.]

Study participation helps answer research questions

What are the researchers investigating and what insights do they hope to gain from the individual studies and projects? The research team of the Rhineland Study consists of experts from a wide range of disciplines. Together, they want to investigate the complexity of human health and thus contribute to healthier aging for all people.

Public Figures at the Rhineland Study

Guido Déus, Member of the State Parliament of North Rhine-Westphalia and participant in the Rhineland Study

I have supported the Rhineland Study since its beginning and remain highly motivated because our future generations can benefit from the study.

[Guido Déus, Member of the State Parliament of North Rhine-Westphalia and participant in the Rhineland Study]

Katja Dörner, Lord Mayor Bonn since 2020

I am delighted that the Rhineland Study has so much support from the people of Bonn. They and the other participants put themselves at the service of the general public and their commitment benefits the health of all people! This cannot be taken for granted and is evidence of a high degree of social responsibility and public spirit. We would like to express our great respect and thanks to all participants!

[Katja Dörner, Lord Mayor Bonn since 2020]

Ashok Sridharan, Lord Mayor Bonn 2015-2020

As Mayor of Bonn, I am proud that the DZNE has chosen our region to play a major role in shaping this large-scale project and helping it to achieve sustainable success.

[Ashok Sridharan, Lord Mayor Bonn 2015-2020]

Svenja Schulze, Minister for Science, Innovation and Research of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia 2010-2017

We are all getting older and older. In order to be able to spend the time we have gained in good health, it is therefore particularly important to advance research in the field of preventive health. I would like to thank all citizens who participate and thus contribute to the well-being of current and future generations.

[Svenja Schulze, Minister for Science, Innovation and Research of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia 2010-2017]

Dr. Birgit Terjung, Medical Director St. Josef-Hospital Bonn-Beuel

I am convinced that the aim of the Rhineland Study to find ways to improve our health and age healthier is a goal we should all work for together.

[Dr. Birgit Terjung, Medical Director St. Josef-Hospital Bonn-Beuel]

Reiner Burgunder, Captain and 1st Chairman of the Schifferverein Beuel, City Councillor of the CDU District Association Bonn and participant of the Rhineland Study

For the benefit of science, for the benefit of the Rhineland, for the benefit of the Bonn-Beuel site and, of course, for the benefit of my personal health, I am taking part in the Rhineland Study.

[Reiner Burgunder, Captain and 1st Chairman of the Schifferverein Beuel, City Councillor of the CDU District Association Bonn and participant of the Rhineland Study]

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